Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Yellow Sticky Notes

I've just completed editing the animation for my next animated film, Yellow Sticky Notes. Yellow Sticky Notes is an experimental classical animated film with an interesting subtle narrative. 2300 drawings were animated straight ahead on 4x6 inch yellow sticky notes with nothing but a black ink pen. The film looks at my self reflection of major world events through the use of animation meditation. The film blends image, text and music to create a social commentary through animation. I realized that over the last nine years I have been so busy trying to accomplish my daily "to do" lists written on sticky notes that I was ignoring the world around me. So nine years later, I decided to self reflect on events like 911, the tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, etc. by animating on the same sticky notes that caused me to ignore them. The film is 6 minutes long. All that is left to do is send it to Boston where Genevieve Vincent will be creating the film's musical score. I am hoping to have the film completed by October 2007.

After realizing that yellow sticky note “to do” lists were consuming his life, filmmaker Jeff Chiba Stearns decided to visually self-reflect on his filmmaking journey by animating on the same sticky notes that caused him to ignore major world events for the last nine years. Animation meditation is blended with image, text, and an original musical score by Genevieve Vincent through the creation of a classically animated experimental film that was drawn straight ahead with only a black ink pen on over 2300 yellow sticky notes.

(copyright 2007 Jeff Chiba Stearns)

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